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Talking Crestie Questions - before I make a purchase!

Hi everyone,

After my last post I did a lot more research, talked it over with my flat mate and boyfriend and have decided to look for a crestie as my new pet.

So, I'm gradually buying everything I need before I take the plunge and go and buy him/here, but I've got a couple of questions

Firstly, heating and lighting - most people have said to me that crestie's don't need extra lighting etc, but if its not harmful to them, I'd still like to provide UV (and a heat source just in case it drops cold). So, what sort of UV bulb would I need? In regards to heating, would I be better with a heat mat or a ceramic bulb? (Or something else entirely?) I was originally going to purchase a heat mat, but I'm not sure now.

Housing wise, I plan on a 45x45x60 viv - can I put a baby crestie in this or will it be too big? I'm trying to avoid buying 2 vivs for 1 crestie, do I need to get a smaller one (say 30x30x45) initially or would it be ok in the bigger one (one should I keep it just in a large plastic tub like one until it has grown a bit?)

Finally, if I'm getting 2 crestie's, do I need to get them at the same time? Would there be issues if I was to introduce one a bit later on?


Also, I've found online a 'crested gecko starter kit' which includes a fairly big plastic faunarium (doesn't provide measurements but I would ask), along with a stick on temp gauge, feeding bowls, vines and some repashy CGD - it suggests that this would be suitable up until 1 year old, in your opinion would this be ok to start off with then put the crestie in a 45x45x60 after a year?

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