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Remember although you will often see a 4x2x2 being recommended as the perfect size this is not the case. It is the recommended MINIMUM size, in my and many others eyes it should ideally be at least 5ft long and of course the bigger the better. As said the 4x2x2 is recommended so that you can allow for the correct temp gradient, any smaller and you may struggle. 4x2x2 is a great size for a juvenile but you will find it pretty small once you have a fully grown adult in there and I'm sure he/she will too.

When purchasing be sure to quiz the breeder. Ask about husbandry, feeding regime, etc. Ask to see the parents and their enclosure(s). You can bet your bottom dollar that a well knowledgable breeder will more than likely take good care of their reps. Also gauge how interested they are of your knowledge. If the breeder is asking you plenty of questions about the viv you will be using to house the rep, your husbandry, etc then they obviously care for the welfare of the rep. This will all help you differentiate between a money grabber and a caring hobbyist/breeder.

Finally unless you can trust a reptile shop I would try to buy from a breeder, use the same techniques above wherever you are looking to buy from.
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