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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
Firstly Sounds like you need to allow her some time to settle. Restrain from handling when not necessary as it'll just stress her more. "Temps at 40" doesn't give us enough info to work on. What's your basking temp and cool side temp? Where and how are you taking these readings? What uv setup do you have? Viv size?
Hi thanks it's bog standard set up till I get paid at end of the month. She is a rescue bd so was just a what ever I could get to get her comfy job it's a 3ft vivexotic tank with 60w heat bulb and a arcadia + d3 12% T8 for lighting has laminate flooring one side basking she has a log witch she loves closes her eyes so assume she likes it and sleeps next to it at night and few rocks other end is a hide and a plant I am measuring off the 1 digi thermo will move it to the cool side in a min and let you no the temp just trying to do as best as I can with small knowlage for this rescued beauti has a small amount of water and food and she hates baths lol hope that helps
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