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Originally Posted by LauraRawr View Post
They actually have a small spot on the top of their head that enables to tell when it's light or dark. So, if you cover that spot with your finger, it can cause them to close their eyes. The beardie could also be sleepy.

A 80w bulb or 100w would probably keep them temps up better, but the uv strip is brilliant. Arcadia is what I use for all my reps that need uv. Make sure it's new though as they only last up to 8months.

I use lino and it actually has alot of grip. If it is slippery though and you see your beardie struggling to walk, then change it. Using it rather than a loose substrate is way easier and cheaper to maintain and avoids impactation.
It's actually used to determine when in shade for such uses as running away from predators from above, hawks etc. I understand what you are saying that covering this parietal eye can cause them to fall asleep however this isn't actually that common unless they are of course in darkness and I can assure you that it is much more likely they are closing their eyes due to being threatened if your hand is close or due to poor location of lighting equipment. The T8 uv you are using is actually old technology and superseded by Arcadia new T5 unit, much much better and allows for the provision of a photogradient. Also T8 units only last at most 6 months whereas the T5 lasts up to 12 months.
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