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Originally Posted by toml19 View Post
I will take a photo of the viv in a min just keep in mind this is just a basic set up all I had with the viv and anything I could find to make life easier basking area is 40c that's what I got told to set it to and cool area is 24c again what I got told the eye closing is only when I stroke her head what about if there sitting there eyes closed with there mouth slightly open while basking
Sorry, for some reason when you said 40c I was thinking 90f! Like I said earlier 40-45c is good so forget what I was talking about the 90f! Although you may want to up it a little if you find she is basking for long periods of time, over 10 minutes. As i said before 24c is fine too. Her closing her eyes when you stroke her is a sign she is threatened. It can take a long time to build up trust and she may always do this, as long as she isn't reacting by hissing or puffing her beard or flattening her body and angling it towards you to seem big then I wouldn't worry too much, like I said keep handling and any stress to a minimum, you should really leave her be to settle for a few weeks, I know it can be hard! I would bet sitting there eyes closed while basking has something to do with your lighting which is why I asked for a pic and where your lighting and uv equipment is mounted? Mouth open is simply regulating heat and is normal. Unless you feel she is having difficult breathing, heavy breathing, mucus around the mouth/nostrils or constantly breathing through her mouth then I imagine all is fine there and she is simply thermo regulating.
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