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Originally Posted by Johng1977 View Post
Hi I have just got a 2 year old hermans. I want to use sand and top soil as substrate I been to home base but they only have top soil with added loam and feed can this be used or do I need topsoil with nothin in it. If so could you please tell me were I would purchase this from and the name if it please. Also I am a bit worried about keeping her warm at night as last night she felt quiet cold. My heating at home is set to 18 degrees is this sufficient for her Or would I need some sort if heating at night. She is in a tortoise table. Also do I need extra bedding in her hide ? Please help as I just want the best for her

Tortoises always feel cold when not basking, it's because they are cold blooded and why they have to bask, even in a warm room they will feel cold unless they are beneath a lamp. Normal house temps are fine, even in winter. Mine are in an unheated room overnight and certainly a lot less than 18 degrees Bedding is a human concept as being cold blooded will not keep them warm. Give a deeper area of soil for them to dig down into as this will help with thermoregulation and good shell development. Topsoil needs to have no additives.
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