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Im also from Coventry, try for realm of reptiles, friends of a friend are opening it. If you can travel go to Northampton reptile centre, its been a hell of a long time since ive been there as I came out of the hobby for a while, but I like the shop, Ive heard that realm is a sister shop for Northampton, is this true TURTLE JO?, if so itd be good as it Louis if she still runs northampton, finally got a shop down this neck of the woods. Back to coventry, we have a pet shop over the road from us that will happily order items from there suppliers for you, they are decent folk aswell.

On the note of KBN reptiles, its just my personal opinion but I wasnt too impressed with the knowledge and customer service experience, in previous visits. The shop is immaculate and looks all singing all dancing which is good, but it only works when the knowledge is there, as I said its just my opinion, and on off ive been keeping these for years.
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