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Originally Posted by Wildmanwolfie View Post
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say hi and hopefully get a bit of advice. I am looking at buying my first set up soon and plan on getting a corn snake to ease me in to things but wanted to get some advice on a few things.

I have been looking at the VivEX 3 foot vivarium with cabinet. I have been told this will be big enough for a corn snake even when fully grown. Is this true?

I have been looking in to heating and lighting options and like the look of the AHS heating system. Would the 250W one be the one to go for? I keep getting mixed advice on heatmats and lamps so thought this would be a good all in one system. Also what lighting would I need? I like the idea of a day and night light and have been looking at the Exo Terra Nightglo Moonlight Lamp for night time and possibly Exo Terra Sunglo daylight lamp for during the day. I really want to keep the bulbs as small profile as possible and the small cylindrical ones seem good. I had the idea of fixing both of these to a Zoo Med Terrarium lamp bar so things are nice and neat. Would this be something that could work and what wattage of bulb would I need to go for? I have also looked in to the Habistat sun and moon Switch to control these.

I was also wondering if the heat needs to be reduced at night? Is this something that needs to be done? The AHS heating system won't do this so wanted to know if it was a waste of time getting and just to stick with a normal heat bulb with thermostat which can set for a lower temp at night.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have already found some great information on here and has helped me out a lot already I just want to make sure I get things as perfect as I can before I introduce any snake in to my set up.

Many thanks for any advice,

Hi and welcome

This size viv should be fine for an adult corn aslong as it doesnt turn into a whopper.....some people prefer to give them 4 foots for more space but if you have it out a few times a weke for handling and excersise then it should be ok.
250w ahs is a bit overkill. Corns dont need high temps (around 28-30 most people keep the hotspot at)so i would reccommend a 150w ceramic heater/guard/cable and fitting kit (ceramic fitting not plastic or it will melt) and a pulse themostat to regulate temps and a digital thermometer. You can shop around for these on the likes of ebay/surrey pet supplies/blue lizard reptiles etc.
I dont like mats in vivs though plenty of people use them...i just dont like the thought of them inside a wooden structure (seen and heard too many horror stories)
Lighting is not really can get an LED strip and this will give you viewing pleasure without messing around with the temps as they dont give off heat. You can have white for for moonlight effect for your viewing at night should you wish.
Temp drops are not needed...most dont bother as although the hotspot wont drop naturally during the night...the ambient temps will drop on their own as your room temp drops.
Think ive covered everything
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