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Smile New beardie set up

Hi, i am getting my first bearded dragon in a couple of weeks, though am alittle confused regarding the set up.

After alot of reading ive gone for a 4ft viv package, it comes with the following...

Sand (i'll be leaving this out till my beardie is at least 6 months)
UV Bulb (screw in, which i have asked to be changed to a 36" tube)
Other bits , vitamins, thermometor etc

It also has a 100w ceramic bulb with thermostat, this is were am confused...

Do i need this ? should i opt for a basking lamp of the same wattage ?

I understand that the lights should be on 10-12 hours in winter, 12-14 in the summer, when these go off at night, is it safe temp wise for the beardie till they come back on again ? the room the viv is going in generally has a day time temp of around 20c -21c, and drops to arround 18c at night, or do i need night time heating ?

Sorry for all the questions.
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