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Originally Posted by djultimate View Post
As nice as that one is, think i'll stick with the 40 one lol.

Last question, am thinking of leaving my beardie at the pet shop till ive had my viv running for a while..
Is this necessary ? how long would you recommend.

Thanks again for the advice
As long as it takes to get your temperatures right you can get it up and running perfect in straight away, or it could take a few days of tweaking the thermostat temperature/moving the probe, getting it how you want it to look etc

You should be able to get the temperature spot on in the first day after a bit of messing about just keep moving the probe until your basking spot, hot side and cool sides are at an ideal temperature.

After that to play it safe try run a normal 24 hour cycle for 2 days as if your beardie was in there, turn it off/on at the same times as you would and monitor the temperatures throughout the day and night if it's all cool after 2 days of that should be fine.
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