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Heya all
I am new here, just joined... Have owned reptiles since 2010, I owned a male and female Bearded Dragon which sucessfully bred, unfortunatly they were all rehomed in 2011 due to relocating. I am now the proud owner of a 8 month old male Bearded dragon named George (had since August) and recently bought a 4 month old male Veiled Chameleon named Clive.

Being my first Chameleon have done extensive research prior to purchase however one thing is still a little confusing to me... He is an Orangy/Brown colour with lots of green patches... I have had lots of feedback suchas he could be stressed, unhappy, settling in and even this could be his natural colour and also that he wont develop his true colours until around 6 months old

my set up is a 4x2x2 wooden and glass viv (looking to change to a screen mesh soon), plently of branches for climbing, fake plants and also real plants too, I have a dripper system which I made myself and spray the enclosure around 3 times a day for about 5 mins. Humidity is good with 60-70% normal and the basking spot is 90 with 70-75 at the bottom. Feeding Hoppers and Morioworms (eating well), dusted with Nutribal. UV is 5.0 Reptisun and lights on for 13 hours a day. Last shed was 3 days ago

Any Opinions or advice on the colouration? I will get a pic up as soon as I can!
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