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Talking New Crested Gecko Set-up

Hello there,
Firstly my name is daniel i'm new here.

I have just emptied my 260 litre jewel vison tank and im looking to house some crested gecko's in there, Now i know the basics of reptiles as i have had breadies,snake and scorpions i'm really looking forward to this project i think i'm i'm going with about 6-8 geckos and would love the tank to be as near to a rainforest look as possible.
What substrate should i use i have heard coconut ( The expandable thing that comes in a hard brick shaped object)
People say don't use uvb or basking areas but i think i'm going to use them anyway as they also said it won't harm the cresties so what watt bulb would i need can i use a red one and should i use a 5.0uvb and both bulbs housed in those ceramic cones?
Do i really need a repti-fogger (Even though they do look great)
Can i use fake moss.

I think that's it for the moment as i am typing this i'm making my shopping list.

Thanks for your time.
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