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Thank you all for your advice, I brought my blood red tiger leather back home today,she is called Daenerys (yes from game of thrones

She's all settled into her new viv, she's a little dark but that is expected... And I still have area questions as I haven't been given the right bulbs with my setup, I've been assured that it will do the same job and also had some money knocked off the price. I've got a repti glo 10.0 UVB BULB and a red night spot basking bulb, in all the madness today I can't for the life of me remember what she said to do with the bulbs,
I know 12 on 12 off, is that just for the repti glo and do I keep the night one on all day and night ? Or just night ?

I have got the heat mat in the tank but its not turned on, as my house is very cold I've been advised to keep it in for emergencies.
The temp in the tank right now is exactly 100F in the warm end is that right ?

I've also laid newspaper down for now and I'm thinking of investing in some reptile carpet or lino ...

I also bought a branch, hidey cave and bowls. F10hand wash and viv cleaner.
Going to get one of those cricket boxes with tubes when I next go in

Again I appreciate all your help and advice
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