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Default Bit confused need some help

Im a little confused i have a Leopard gecko blazing blizzard i think is the morph , hes all white with a black dot on his tail. Anyway i have him a 4ft by 1 ft by 1ft tank and he seems to spend all his time away from the warm side so i lowered the temperature to 25 degrees Celsius and he still spends 80% of his time on the cold end, just a bit confused as to why. Also he prefers to be up high as to on the ground so hes constantly trying to climb to the highest point of the tank and never touching the ground if he can help it. my tank is a simple setup of Eco earth reptile soil for substrate with a number of hide 3-4 hides with a large water bowl and a food tray and a vitamin bowl there are lots of fake plants he climbs on alot, yet all he does is climbs on a hide and stays there. he never moves into the hot point and constantly hide out in the open. So could you help me please
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