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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
There are lots of good reasons for feeding in.

I can't think of any compelling reasons for feeding out.
Care to elaborate? Personally I can think of many compelling reasons to feed out. I know my snakes like to drag their food around, so to make 100% that they don't eat any substrate they come out, feeding out rather than allowing them to take the food into their hide allows you a good opportunity to see inside their mouths and have a quick visual health check to make sure all is well, which you wouldn't normally get to do without stressing the animal, 2 birds with one stone you can weigh them while they're out, it's also nice to watch, just to make sure they're ok and that they actually eat it.

The only good reasons for feeding in that I see are that I won't have to restrain the snake to avoid feeding bites from 2 of them, and feeding time would be a lot faster... apart from that maybe I'm missing something....So i'm not saying you're wrong, just wondering if you could fill me in


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