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Originally Posted by bang9 View Post
hi im new to RFUK and am after some much need advice

i have brought my first corn snake had him for 4 days(naginie) love him to bits but......
i sought advice from a big chain store before i brought him (and got him from there) and set tank up with his advice. he has 2 hide spots one on cool side 1 on hot side aspen substrate water bowl put on cool side.
heating i am using a heat mat (with stat) which is not on viv floor, the viv has a compartment to slide it in so naginie never come in direct contact with it.
it came with 2 probes 1 for stat which is on glass bottom of viv, and the other was there but i moved it just to check temp on substrat now here lays my problem
the ambient temp is on hot side 71f and 70 on cool side but it my probe for my temp is on glass where heat mat is is reads 80-85f. so my naginie loves to burrow by hot side if i increase temp there it may be to hot but ambient for me is to cold so i have turned my heating up to help that out as he is due feeding tomorrow i know i need sort his heating out any adive would be great ty
I know which viv you mean. 85F is 29C, so that is ok for your hot side. Could go to 32C (89F) without harming your corn snake. Make sure you are measuring temps with a digital thermometer though. Don't worry about the cool side/ambient. As long as your house isn't freezing, a corn will do fine with a heat mat and correct hot spot. They will choose a spot they feel comfortable in, and stay there while they digest food.
I keep my reptiles in vivaria, heated with ceramics. If you need set-up help, and can't find the answer here;
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PM me and i'll help if I can
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