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Smile Substrate for my Hermann's.

Hi, my name's Daniel and I'm new to this forum and tortoise keeping

I got my 2 year old Hermann's tortoise (called Edna Duck) in November last year from a garden and pet centre, who told me she was probably a female but still too young to sex properly, and have had no problems or issues with her at all as of yet. She came with: a 38" long x 17" high x 22" wide rabbit cage; a 20W UVB strip light; a 100W heat lamp with reflector; thermometer; wood chippings; food and water bowls; fake plant; driftwood to climb on and some food supplement. I feed her a mix of weeds/flowers from my garden (which I wash in hot water then rinse with cold water) and soaked 'Dandelion flavoured tortoise pellets' by Komodo. I bath her every 2 or 3 days.

I would post a picture of her but I'm not sure how. She's in my profile picture anyway.

They gave me a bag of wood chippings to use as her substrate but after researching online I've realised that this is not a good substrate to use. I was thinking of using topsoil instead and wondered if this top soil would be okay for her.

Thank you guys!
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