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Originally Posted by Gards View Post
I picked up my vivarium today, a 24" Vivexotic viva terrestrial, was wondering what would be the ideal setup for a Rankins dragon in a viv this size? I'm also waiting for my Arcadia 12% uv tube and controller but what sort of basking bulb should I be looking to get? Any other info in regards to a Rankins would be much appreciated!
Unfortunately mate your viv is too small for rankin's. you will fail to provide the temperature gradient they need to survive and thrive! People tend to recommend at least a 3ft for rankin's however you will still struggle with the temps with this and in my eyes it should be a minimum of 4x2x2 for that reason alone. It isn't the size of the dragon that is the issue here its the gradient that they require.

Good choice on the T5, best uv by far. Have you ordered this yet? If so I'm assuming you bought a 2ft version. You want to create a photogradient (light and shade) that matches your temp gradient. A 2ft tube will be perfect for a 3ft viv and could work in a 4ft viv too however I'd recommend using a 3ft T5 in a 4ft viv.

Regarding a heat bulb, any household spot or halogen will do the same job as a reptile specific spot bulb, they are exactly the same except for price. You are literally paying for the brand name and image when you purchase a reptile branded bulb.

Unfortunately though, as said a larger viv is your first priority if you wish to get a rankin's.
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