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Originally Posted by F5TER View Post
Please bear with me, I am getting very excited about getting a bearded dragon, also very confused about all the equipment i need.
Im getting a 4x2x2 viv and an Arcadia UV light and basking light etc, its the day/night thermometer which is confusing me a bit.
This is the bit of kit that keeps the correct temperature right? and also, if the temp drops drastically at night, which at this time of year is what im worried about, it will turn the basking light on until a preset temp is met? Is that right? And in the summer if it gets too hot, will turn it off?
So, can you plug both the basking light and the uv light into it. Is this an essential part as the ones ive seen are around 50, is that right?
Please forgive any silly questions but id rather ask them before rather than after getting my beardie.
Thanks in advance
. A thermostat works to keep you vivarium temp at a safe level. Basically you set it up to allow your cool end to stay below a certain temp, this way your vivarium cannot overheat ensuring your dragon is safe. It will keep your basking light on until the cool end (or wherever you place the thermostat probe) reaches temp and it will then dim the bulb.

Regarding night heating, you shouldn't need any. Dragons are fine at temps down at even 10c so in an insulated house this should be no issue. Most keepers don't provide nighttime heating unless trying to decrease the chance of brumation. I won't go in to this now but basically you won't need night time heat and any temps higher than 20c at night will in fact disturb the dragons sleep which can lead to stress. So no red lights, no heatmat (these can also be dangerous to BD's), all lights off at night.

For this reason I wouldn't bother with a day/night thermostat, just a standard dimmer stat.

You cannot plug uv in to a thermostat, this is on/off I'm afraid at the moment as the costs for a dimmable ballast are currently too great.

Good to see you're researching before purchasing! You've come to a great place, now get reading!!!
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