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First of all thank you for the reply, sometimes when posting for the first time you wonder if anybody will take note. Okay photogradients you say? I may have to have a read up on that and familiarise myself with it but I think I will hold back a while before purchasing my Rankins until I have a larger viv, the last thing I want do is create an environment unsuitable for the little fella! Yes I have already ordered a 2 foot T5 but purchasing another for a larger viv won't be a problem, it's also good to know they are the best uv available because there seems to be so many brands available. Interesting you say bulbs from hardware shops can be used....when looking at basking bulbs online and in reptile shops I found myself thinking "what's the difference between these and a regular spotlamp?" And as you stated there's no difference whatsoever.

Thanks again! I Really appreciate your reply, don't think you could of been more helpful. Maybe I should of posted this before purchasing my viv haha ah well we live and learn.
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