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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
So what if they accidentally eat a bit of substrate? They don't eat off a plate in the wild - and their digestive systems cope with fur and bone, so I can't imagine a bit of newspaper, aspen or whatever is going to harm them. Most of the time, this doesn't happen anyway. They also die an awful lot in the wild for me, its not worth the risk, not my call to make the decision for others but it's a risk thats there. Banford not so long ago found this out, theres a thread about it somewhere.

All of my snakes come out regularly and get a quick look over every time. Feeding time couldn't be a worse time to do this! I meant inside their mouths lol of course, they get a once over externally whenever they come out, it worries me how many times mouth rot, RI etc is missed until it's blatantly obvious.

So, you take your snake out to feed it..... what then do you do about leaving it alone for 24-48 hours after it has fed? Handling them after feeding risks regurgitation and feeding response bites. If you are worried about them dragging their food into their hide (can't think why, but let's roll with it...) - just remove the hide for feeding. personally, I wouldn't do this. If they are more comfortable eating in their hide, then that's where they eat. The fact that I can't see it is disappointing, but irrelevant. I don't want them dragging food into their hide because it is full of substrate and moss, if I mess around taking it all out, I may as well just take the snake out lol! As said, some do get left in, because they simply don't want to come out. Zuri for example was a great strike feeder outside her viv, now she won't eat unless it's left outside her hide, which is fair enough As for handling, that's pretty rubbish anyway. Theres nothing wrong with gently picking them up after feeding as long as you support the body and feeding bump and don't go squeezing them....they're not made of glass!! haha

Presumably, you've also got to buy several feeding set-ups as well, which are sat idle most of the time? I'd need at least 3 and probably more, given the size range of my snakes (baby trinket up to a burm). By the way, if you want an adult burm to start associating being taken out of it's viv with feed time, you are welcome to do so..... Nope, just the one luckily thats kicking around for all the animals to come out whilst I'm cleaning etc which gets wiped out and disinfected between each animal. And like I said above before you replied, yup, damned if Im taking a larger snake out to feed it, thats common sense lol! I'd hope anyway....

You've tried to underplay the restraining / feeding bites argument. Surely you've noticed that if you just left them where they were, you wouldn't have this problem. The ones I take out, don't strike at anything other than the food, hell the hognose doesn't even strike lol the ones that started got left in their viv (the house snake) and the others need their food warmed before they eat it, and considering im always cold they don't strike at me

As I said, lots of reasons to leave them where they are -and none for moving them.
Answers in red, although I was just interested in your reasoning not a debate, but seeing as there was bits directed at me I've answered


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