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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
So, apart from substrate ingestion, you can't see any reason for feeding them outside, either? As I said, I can watch them eat every so often. Therefore see their jaw movements, behaviour, inside the mouth, which I normally wouldn't, which to me is important to see if it suddenly changes indicating a problem. Although swallowing substrate would be the main, most likely problem...but not the only reason.

Yes, they do die more frequently in the wild, but it's not from eating "substrate". What are you keeping your snakes on, that's so dangerous? Wouldn't it be safer to switch to something that's not going to kill them if they accidentally swallow a bit? How do you know? do you have studies to hand saying that no snake in the wild has ever died from swallowing a sharp piece of wood or stone? I'm not saying the second they eat substrate they will die but it's not a risk I want to take with my snakes. If you're fine with it, fine with me They're on aspen, and yes, it probably won't kill them to digest a bit, but in the unlikely case of a bit injuring the snakes internally on the way down, causing infection....I'm not risking it, I don't see why I should change their substrate just to feed them inside, when they do fine feeding outside, and every snake that I've ever fed outside the enclosure has been fine too.

I nearly always watch mine eating. If they have an appropriate sized food item, any substrate stuck to the food is usually scraped off as the food is squeezed through the snake's mouth. Some will, inevitably, get past, but it will be typically small bits, that would be harmless anyway.
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