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Originally Posted by Jeffers3 View Post
Why can't you watch your snakes eat inside their vivs? I watch all of mine eating.

If they really want to eat inside a hide, shouldn't you just let them do so? I do, I don't pin my snakes down and wrench them out of their vivs to feed them. In the years I've been feeding snakes, I've never once been bitten by reading their behaviour and treating them as individuals. If they make it clear one week they don't want to come out, they don't, simple as that. But I am more comfortable feeding them outside, so if they are amenable to it, that's what they do.

There aren't any stones in the substrate I use (as for what happens in the wild, you know as well as I do that this can't be proven). All I will say is that snakes have been incredibly successful over millions of years, eating prey items in deserts, jungles, meadowland, even underwater. It's not common for them to choke to death on a bit of grass. Exactly, so you can't say either way, so please don't use it to tell me I'm wrong and indeed they have, but 'in the wild' *asks Sevensins to kick a kitten* have a better developed immune system to deal with any injuries they might get from an internal scrape or whatever. Im not talking about choking, or blockages, I'm talking about internal injury from something sharp...especially in a baby corn or hoggy whos stomach is aboutthe size of a piece of aspen.

As for aspen - I think a digestive system that can dissolve fur and bone will make short work of a bit of aspen! Their guts can cope with rodent claws and teeth - or do you remove these before feeding as well? As above, I'm not talking about not being able to digest it....never have been. I'm well aware of how strong their stomach acid is, I'm talking about the journey from the mouth to the stomach having a sharp bit of substrate pressed between the prey and esophagus wall
Also why are you being so defensive? I've not come on here telling people they are wrong to feed inside their enclosure just airing my opinion, so please stop trying to make out I'm wrong.....


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