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Originally Posted by DaenerysMummy View Post

So first thing first... Heat mat or no heat mat ?
No heat mat, beardies don't feel heat properly from their under side and may burn themselves

2nd... Substrate for young... Calcium sand or newspaper ?
Newspaper, tiles or lino (good for adults too)

3rd... Water bowl in all the time or will it mess with the humidity?
In all the time if he/she uses it, you may find after a few weeks it never gets drank from as some don't use it, if they don't just remove it completely but give them a bath once or twice a week.

4th... Best viv cleaner to buy ? Any recommendations ?
I have "Ultimate Vivarium Cleaner" from Blue Lizard Reptiles, costs about 7 quid and lasts quite a while. I do a big clean of all of my vivs every 6 to 8 weeks and spot clean every day as needed

5th... getting crickets into the viv, any useful tips ?
Pick them up and drop them in though you could go with Dubia Roaches if you're not too keen on messing with crickets that can potentially escape. Dubia's are easy to breed, they don't smell, don't make noise, and they can't climb up the side of plastic tubs excellent for food too. If you bred them you'll have a nice big variety of food sizes.
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