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Originally Posted by sevans3873 View Post
hi all
I hope to be diving in to the world of bearded dragons in a couple of months.
should have about 600 to spend on vivarium and equipment would like to buy one that is big enough to last the animals entire life would 600 be enough?If possible any pointers towards which viv and equipment to buy would be gratefully received .
thanks for reading
600 will be more than enough. You want a 4x2x2 or larger. Arcadia T5 12% D3+ uv, standard halogen or spot for basking. Dimming thermostat, digital thermometers. That is the bare essentials. You then want decor to give height gradients, an area to bask, climb and whatever else. Bowls, substrate. You can do this for much cheaper than 600 but it depends what you want the end result to look like.

Within the next month I will have a 4x2x2 for sale, it will be fully equipped with a one off custom build and will look the dogs I can assure you! I can also install all your lighting, heating and everything else to a professional standard. Please take a look at my build thread and viv accessories links in my signature below to see the standard of the work and what you could expect if you were to purchase from me. I am also on Facebook under 'Vivarium Decor', feel free to add me or PM me on there/here for a chat!

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