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Default Need some wise words about my Beardie

Hi basically I've had my beardie a few months now and just over the last week he's become very in active, I noticed it since I change his heat bulb from a normal 75watt bulb to a infrared 75 watt bulb, I'm hoping that's what it is and he just doesn't like it because he's been like it for just over a week since I changed it, he has eaten but basically nothing from what he was eating before, he's pretty big had him since he was a few inches long, he looks and seems healthy he just won't come out to bask anymore, and it's annoying and very confusing, I just had him out and took some pictures, and as you'll see he looks healthy and he ran about on the floor but I put him back in the viv and he went straight to the cave, I have a 30inch 12% IVB bulb in there to, and the hottest point in the viv is 35' anyone hazard a clue to what's up with him? It's unlike him to be like this and I don't much like it! Cheers!
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