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Originally Posted by DanMilton View Post
Thanks for the reply, well I've offered food, but he's not really eating at all, he's had maybe one or two locuts in over a week? And I offer veg but he doesn't come out to eat, he hasn't lost any weight and still looks healthy, look for obvious signs like impaction, so I felt his abdominal area and seems like nothing's there, and checked his eyes to see if they are sunken but their fine, my profile picture is the picture I took of him today, so you can see he looks alert and bright but just won't come out? I will go back to a normal bulb will have to pick one up tomoro, what is brumation? And how long will it last? Going on to his poo and he hasn't had one as he's not eating. He was pooing fine before and his last poo was a couple days after I changed the bulb.
Personally it sounds like brumation to me, take a look here or here for more info. However, you need to rule out any illness before assuming brumation. You say he hasn't lost any weight, are you assessing this visually or are you weighing him? If not, start now. I would leave his belly alone, could cause more harm than good, if he's eating so little then its normal for him not to be pooing.

My advise would be this, sort out a white bulb, get your temps correct, keep an eye on weight. Any loss over 15g's and its straight to the vets, no loss or even a gain would imply its healthy natural brumation which shouldn't (fingers crossed) last too much longer as the barometric pressure is increasing again. Keep him hydrated with regular bathing as he won't be eating and just ride it out, disturb him as little as possible and let him get on with it.

If you can I would also suggest a vet visit if he hasn't been recently or at all. Brumation can be a hard time on some reps if they have a high parasitic load for example and its good to get them checked out before they enter brumation just for piece of mind.

Good luck, be sure to keep us informed. Oh and just to add there are sooo many BD's brumating currently or have been recently, its unheard of, so you're not alone!
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