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Originally Posted by F5TER View Post
Ok, so i know bearded dragon poo stinks to high heaven, what poo doesnt right?
So how often do they go? And what IS the best thing to put on the floor of the viv for cleaning the poo off?
There are so many differering opinions even on here, lino, tile, slate, sand etc. most of the pics of vivs seem to have sand, my local store sells a sort of mixed damp sand which drys out, cant remember what its called. I suppose their natural habitat is sand isnt it? And i think this stuff is trying to mimic that.
Their natural habitat is more of a hardened clay, and beardies in the wild don't live as long due to impaction.

A few people use sand because 'it looks nicer', but I would rather put my dragons health at foremost than looks. I use lino, it's easy to clean and they cant eat it! Any sand whether it be play sand, desert sand, ANY loose substrate (including woodchip, aspen ect.) can cause impaction and I personally could not live with myself knowing full well the damage it causes just because i wanted it to look nice.

Basically you have to think what is more important to you.
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