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Default arcadia uv lighting help!

Hi, I am trying to sort out a setup for a tortoise I will be getting in a couple of weeks. I am a bit confused by the arcadia products. I already have them for my beardie but I want a longer tube as my tortoise will have a larger enclosure. I was looking at the t5 dry viv controller (36") which says it is 38 watt but the 36" bulb is 39watt..why would this be and would it affect it's performance or would it flicker? I have seen arcadia have bought out some new controllers which are quite a bit more expensive and the wattage seems to correspond with these. Is this just a ploy to get you to buy the more expensive ones? The tortoise breeder recommends the mega ray bulb rather than seperates but I am concerned that the area of uv given off wouldn't be sufficient in a 120cm enclosure..any advice gratefully recieved!
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