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Originally Posted by SlugBunnie View Post
I agree he is tiny!! The so called breeder had it in a very tiny little box with no heat or lighting etc... Its colouring was very dull and it was very lithargic, wasnt eating or pooping!! I made a hige fuss and the bloke practiclly threw it at me!!
Since ive had it there has been a great improvement! I dont have any idea how old it is however i would guess no more than 6-8 weeks!!!
He sounds like a complete and utter mistreating an animal like that is disgusting. No heating! beardies NEED It! Not eating or pooing either, the breeder should be shot.

Well done to you for making a point of this, I think if I was there I'd of taken the little guy, placed him somewhere warm and safe then said a few "words" to him. Or I'd of just given him a good hard smack!

Hate people who don't look after their animals, they're like children. If you can't look after them then don't have them!

Rant over, sorry about that

Hope he does well with you, I'm sure he will
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