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Originally Posted by yummymummytothree View Post
When I owned bearded dragons I was told all the stuff about sand causing impactation etc and not to use it as can cause digestion probleems but I have always kept beardies on sand never had a problem and to be fair in there wild ha itat they would find clay and rocks and SAND not floor tiles and kitchen paper. When I went through the argument on sand and beardies there was never hard evidence that sand could cause obstruction of any kind to a beardie and everything I was shown and found was calci sand and animal concerned was geckos that's from personal experiance. Personally I don't believe sand can be dangerous to our Beardies for simple fact it's safe for our babies and children and they swallow it it does not harm them and if husbandry is kept on top of the Beardies should not be eating sand.
To be honest, I am shocked that even when you were told all the dangers about impaction you still decided to keep them on sand. Myself personally have seen the dangers of it first hand with people that unfortunately don't know about the dangers, and keep them on sand, or woodchips - I recently saw a photo of a poor beardie who had gotten a piece of woodchip lodged in its throat and died a slow and painful death as it choked and suffocated to death. I would NEVER risk it because I just could not live with that on my conscience! Fair enough though if that's what you chose to do.

In my post i am pretty certain i didn't say that in their natural habitat they found kitchen paper or lino, I just said that in their natural habitat it was more a hardened clay than sand, and that bearded dragons in the wild do not live as long, alot of the time impaction by sand is a big cause of their deaths. You can say that if husbandry is kept on top of then they shouldn't be swallowing sand but how can you ensure that they wont eat some unless you are feeding them outside of their viv, and watching them 24/7? You also say that sand is safe for human babies to swallow - I'm sorry but why are you feeding your baby sand? I can understand toddlers coming into contact with sand (sandboxes and play areas, obviously) but babies? No. I would also take in to consideration that bearded dragons are a lot smaller than a human toddler, and have different digestive systems? But hey, you are entitled to your opinion! - Out of interest, why is it you no longer keep bearded dragons? You say "when i owned", I assume you did mean this as past tense? I find it interesting to know why you no longer have them or what happened to them?

I did not come on to this forum thread to have a personal argument with you, The woman asked a question and I put my best opinion based on experiences with them in - Just like every other person who has commented on this thread...
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