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Default Royal python looked like it was going to shed, but didn't?

Hello! I have a male 7 month old pastel royal python and recently, within the last few days he looked as though he was going to shed again - his scales darkened and went cloudy and his eyes went cloudy too, however when checking on him today his eyes has gone almost back to normal colour (his scales were still cloudyish though).
This has been under about a week from when I first noticed it to now.
I haven't fed him since about a week and a half ago because I was planning to do it after he'd shed but this hasn't happened yet.
He has shed twice with the original breeder and once with me so this would've been his fourth time shedding.
I've placed a dish for him to soak in if he wishes and have made sure that the enclosure is a little damp to help the shedding process as soon as I noticed he was going to shed.
Do you have an answer or suggestion as to why he hasn't shed yet and why his eyes have stopped being cloudy? Thank you for your feedback!
Much appreciation (:
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