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Default BD Brumation - newbie help pls

Hi guys
I'm very new to the world of Bearded Dragons so would really appreciate your help & advice. Also being new I originally posted this in the Lizard section not newbie section so apologies for reposting!
I got my 16 month old BD 1 week ago (not from a pet shop) and have spent the last week reading all of the advice on here about how to look after it, whilst buying all of the bits that seemed to be missing (thermostat, basking rock/log, decent UVB lighting, etc). However he has seemed rather sleepy and inactive although he has eaten but mainly when we offered food to him rather than eating from his dish. He has now gone to sleep in the cool corner of the viv for the last 48 hours and only turned around in the corner. I have read about brumation being quite normal, but as I am totally new to all of this I thought I just check a few things.
Firstly I read that brumation normally ends around now, not starts. The previous owner had not mentioned him being sleepy or in brumation, but then there wasn't anything in the viv for him to sleep in/ under. He now has a log tunnel in there, so maybe this has encouraged it?
The temps are currently 28C in the cold end and 31C in the hot end, turned down to 20C/22C overnight. Should I reduce the day temp whilst he is brumating?
I have ordered an Arcadia T5 light to replace the compact UV bulb that is currently fitted. Normally I leave the light on for 12 hours a day - should this be reduced?
The viv is 4ft x 18" x 18" by the way.

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