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Default Corn Snake Help

so, i wasn't sure where to put this, so i posted it here and in the snake section.

I'm from Ireland, from Monaghan, and i'm looking to buy a Corn Snake, but I have very little knowledge on them. I was looking through threads in this section and seen someone mention this vivarium and cabinet is it good for a full gown corn snake? Its the VivExotic VX36 with the CX36.

The next thing is the corn snake, should i buy a male or female and should i buy an adult or baby? where can i order them or go to a petshop to get a large selection of corn snakes? i dont mind travelling a bit to a good reptile shop, but not too far. i would be happy to travel to the north or something.

What should I feed the baby and adult? i researched and i think i'm meant to give a baby cornsnake a newborn mouse every 4 - 6 days, and a adult 2 -3 baby mice or one big mouse every 7 days. is this right?

my next question is heating. ive looked around and there seems to be two types of heating, light and a heatmat. which one is better? i've been told that a light needs to be on 12 - 14 hours a day. what brand and what type of heatmat would i get with the VX36? another question, where does the heatmat go? underneath the vivarium or in the vivarium? could i get a heatmat and a energy saving bulb so the cage will be lit up? if i do choose to use light as a heat source, what bulb should i use?

what heat should the cage be? i've been told your meant to have a cold side, and a warm side. what is the temperature at each end?

what substrate should i use? i've seen ReptiBark and Aspen, which is better for the snake?

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