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Originally Posted by FancyPants View Post
so, i wasn't sure where to put this, so i posted it here and in the snake section.

I'm from Ireland, from Monaghan, and i'm looking to buy a Corn Snake, but I have very little knowledge on them. I was looking through threads in this section and seen someone mention this vivarium and cabinet is it good for a full gown corn snake? Its the VivExotic VX36 with the CX36.

a 3ft or 4 ft is a good size for a adult corn

The next thing is the corn snake, should i buy a male or female and should i buy an adult or baby? where can i order them or go to a petshop to get a large selection of corn snakes? i dont mind travelling a bit to a good reptile shop, but not too far. i would be happy to travel to the north or something.

makes no difference whether male or female, though males may go off food around breeding time but corns are usually great feeders. Adult or baby...both have pro's and con's. baby means you grow with your snake, and usually a little cheaper. Adults, if you take on a well handled snake will cause you no issues, only downside is not being able to grow with said corn. petshop are a little more expensive than a private breeder but i have used both with success, look in the classified's for a private breeder, there will be hatchling's soon enough.

What should I feed the baby and adult? i researched and i think i'm meant to give a baby cornsnake a newborn mouse every 4 - 6 days, and a adult 2 -3 baby mice or one big mouse every 7 days. is this right?

hatchlings start on pinky mice (newborn) adults on Jumbo mice, but rat weaners and chick's can be used to give a ranged diet. the rule is that prey should be about 1 and a half times bigger in width than the widest part of your snake. hatchlings every 4-5, yearling every 7-10 and a fully grown adult every 10 -14 days, it's your call, and you judge it on your snake. if the snake is getting fat feeding every 7 then you will need to re think how often or the size of prey. there are no rules just guidelines.

my next question is heating. ive looked around and there seems to be two types of heating, light and a heatmat. which one is better? i've been told that a light needs to be on 12 - 14 hours a day. what brand and what type of heatmat would i get with the VX36? another question, where does the heatmat go? underneath the vivarium or in the vivarium? could i get a heatmat and a energy saving bulb so the cage will be lit up? if i do choose to use light as a heat source, what bulb should i use?

heating options...light, mat, ceramic, reptile radiator. none are better than the other, every keeper has a preference. Ceramic or mat are most commonly used. Always by a thermostat to control whatever you decide on, light/ceramic works on a dimmer, ceramic/mat works on a pulse and mat also works with a basic mat stat. if you use a ceramic or light you will need a guard to stop any burns to snake if climbing, a ceramic needs a ceramic holder and a light a normal holder. Habistat is a very good brand with mat's, habistat or microclimate for the thermostat brand. If using a mat, it goes INSIDE the viv, but many do not like using mat's in wooden viv's incase of thermo-blocking resulting in burns. I am pro mat, just insure your snake does not come in direct contact. LED light stripes (not the xmas ones) are great for lighting and do not give off heat. Whatever you decide, get a digital (Not the cheap stick on) thermometer to give you the temp's inside the viv and get a thermostat.

what heat should the cage be? i've been told your meant to have a cold side, and a warm side. what is the temperature at each end?

hot side should be about 29-30C cold side around room temp

what substrate should i use? i've seen ReptiBark and Aspen, which is better for the snake?

newpaper, aspen, woodchip, repticard, repti carpet....there are loads of options. corns are not humid loving snakes, so i would avoid things like orchid bark that will hold humidity

Now i have done your research for you, you need to look at all the points addressed and pick what you are going to use for your set up. there are plenty of corn snake care-sheets on this site and found via google

Crested Gecko's : Hobbyist Website : Careguide 101 : Available

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