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Originally Posted by smartin790 View Post

I am hoping to get a Bearded Dragon very soon and have been doing a lot of research on-line and have also been into my local ĎReptile shopsí. Although they were v helpful, I am now very confused Ė everyone has a different opinion!

We are going for a wooden 48x18x18 Viv (I know 48x24x24 would be better but due to the shape of our lounge we canít go any deeper without blocking half a doorway!).

I understand about needing a heat gradient within the Viv but Iíve been given conflicting advice with regards to heating/lighting requirements at the warm end.

Shop 1 says I need 2 basking lights to get enough warmth into the Viv due to its size, plus a heating mat to sustain warmth overnight.

Shop 2 says I donít need 2 lights and prob not a heating mat either as a wooden Viv would retain some of the heat overnight and says I should go for an all-in-one bulb which does UVA, UVB and heat (such as a Zoo-Med Power Sun)

Iím def liking the idea of the all-in-one bulbs for simplicity but when researching further I then read that you canít you a thermostat on them so how can you avoid the Viv overheating?? I donít want to cook the poor thing!!!

Sorry to go on but I obviously want to get it right and am v confused at the mo so any help/advice gratefully received!

Hi, i would go for one of the combi bulbs, secondly dont use a heat mat for bearded dragons just not a good idea, not sure why you have been told to have more than one hot spot seems rather wrong to me, a thermostat is needed so that as you said the viv doesnt overheat and the beardies dont overheat. hope that helps slightly
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