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Originally Posted by yummymummytothree View Post
Hi, i would go for one of the combi bulbs, secondly dont use a heat mat for bearded dragons just not a good idea, not sure why you have been told to have more than one hot spot seems rather wrong to me, a thermostat is needed so that as you said the viv doesnt overheat and the beardies dont overheat. hope that helps slightly
1, You can not use a dimming stat with a combi bulb.
2, Normal bulb type uv are not recomended for beardie vivs.
OP, use a spot light bulb for heating the viv and a tube type uv bulb for uv,around 36inch length and at least 12%uv,better if you get a reflector for it.
So long as your house doe's not drop below about 15c at night you will not need night time heat
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