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Originally Posted by tomcannon View Post
I'm assuming yummymummy meant "wouldn't". I would agree not to opt for an all in one but purely because they don't offer enough uv over a spread area to recreate a wild uv index. As suggested with a 4ft viv you want the 3ft Arcadia T5, mount this in the hot side to create a photogradient, click here for more info.

You shouldn't need to offer night heat, between 10-18c is good in my opinion. If you do need to have night heat then you will need a ceramic heat emitter, also statted of course.

As has been said heat mats can be dangerous to BD's as they don't detect the heat from below so could be burnt from an malfunctioning heat mat or generated hotspot. They are also useless at increasing ambient temps so would only be of use if your dragon was sitting on it. High risk for little reward.

Unfortunately it is often the case that reptile shops give out misleading information. Its believed by some that it is often purposefully done in order to increase profits, either that being the initial purchase or on the chance that a customer will return to purchase the correct product once doing there own research. I can agree to this to an extent with some shops, however I imagine its more than likely purely a lack of specific knowledge of a certain species. This is why its always recommended to do your own research or speak to people that have specific first hand knowledge of said species, as you are. To be fair on the shops and the staff you can't always expect them all to know everything about every rep. I don't mean you specifically but us in general.

Hope this helps, feel free to PM me if you want further help at all.
Spot on advice, follow this and you will be fine there is a lot of misleading information and for some reason people don't realise that even though they come from the desert it gets very cold at night. For me I would never use any combined bulb as they had massive problems when first brought and I would never trust them, always go with a tube UV, also not sure if its been mentioned but go with a 10% UV bulb or 12% never go lower than 10
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