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It's perfectly normal to feel confused with the amount of conflicting advice on offer! but yeah, as said before, all you'll need is a UV strip (go for the 12% T5 Arcadia), one basking spot set at around 40c on a thermostat, a couple of digital thermometers to monitor temps on the hot/cool side, substrate (I would avoid anything loose, such as sand/beech chips and opt for slate, vinyl, lino), decor and then any tools you'll need for feeding, feeding tongs, calcium, nutrobal (calcium dust with vitamins, it's great). Once you have the set up there's not much to it, just monitoring the temperatures. As somebody said above, you wont need overnight heating, they do just fine without it and I beleive it's far more natural to give them a temperature drop during night time, Good luck with your upcoming beardie!
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