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Default I'm newww :) and getting first snake today!!

Hello everyone I'm new to the forum so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong part! In a few hours I'll be collecting my first ever snake (4 month, female royal python) after months of research and persuading my mum she's finally given in and agreed!!
Had my rub set up and running for around 3 days now and is keeping at a steady temp of around 29/31 in hot side, should this be ok? I've got 2 hides, plant (plastic of course) and going to be using kitchen roll, I'm using the 12L rub with prorep 11x11 heat mat which covers around half of the floor and then using the mini matstat with this bit may upgrade to a pulse stat? Are they worth the extra investment? Will of course be putting pics up soon, collecting her from snakes and adders in sheffield, anyone had experience with these before? And any extra help, tips ect would be much appreciated, thanks
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