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Good guys at snakes and adders, Was in there yesterday, Possibly whilst you was there as some one said they was collecting theres today.

Im certain it was you as he mentioned 12l rub etc

For now, a Ministat is fine, though personally i would look to upgrade to a pulse stat. Pulse stats are just more accurate/stable than a mini on/off stat.

Kitchen roll is also fine, Though might be worth looking into something like Repti card, Substrate is always personal preference though.

Once you got her, Let her settle in give her 5 - 7 days unhandled, then look at feeding between 7 to days , Think he said she was on mice, Might be worth keeping on these, Though majority of people change to Rats early on as you can get larger rats as they grow. Could also Consider Multimammates.

If it was you, One thin i would do is get a Digital thermometer, The Dial one he sold you can be inacurate and as much use as a chocolate fireguard, Same with Hydrometer, Always worth going Digital.

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