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Originally Posted by Ophexis View Post
Personally I wouldn't go for insurance for a reptile - you are far better off just putting some money away each month in the event of an emergency. There is so much fine print and such like with reptile insurance, and so many ailments they refuse to pay out on.
I already know this and as I said I'm looking for where provides it and not any other information. I personally want insurance. You're welcome to your opinions, but you clearly didn't read what I said. Simply putting money aside won't be enough for some of the ones I have in my personal (not business) collection. After looking into the illnesses they can get and talking to the vet about how expensive the treatment would be, even 1000 a year is less than what I may have have to fork out. I also like my reptiles to get regularly screened and tested for internal parasites as I breed them and this costs me alot of money per year.
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