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Originally Posted by LauraRawr View Post
I already know this and as I said I'm looking for where provides it and not any other information. I personally want insurance. You're welcome to your opinions, but you clearly didn't read what I said. Simply putting money aside won't be enough for some of the ones I have in my personal (not business) collection. After looking into the illnesses they can get and talking to the vet about how expensive the treatment would be, even 1000 a year is less than what I may have have to fork out. I also like my reptiles to get regularly screened and tested for internal parasites as I breed them and this costs me alot of money per year.
Only one company i know that does exotic insurance,
Plus it doe's not cover them if you breed.
But you will know that,and as you are so clued up a quick google will bring up the company
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