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Originally Posted by Purple_D View Post
Only one company i know that does exotic insurance,
Plus it doe's not cover them if you breed.
But you will know that,and as you are so clued up a quick google will bring up the company
If it's exotic direct, I already tried them (which i did say) and they do cover you incases of egg binding and screening for parasites as I asked. Went through like 6 pages on Google with no luck apart from an american company. I know most places only cover cats+dogs which is why I'm asking if anyone else has tried anywhere else. As some companies (not sure what ones yet) can give you seperate cover for reptiles at an additional cost. Been ringing around this afternoon so again wondering if anyone else has had any luck.

It's like when I had to get my company insured, everyone said only exotics direct would do it, but after ringing like 20 places I found some other place that would at half the price.
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