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Originally Posted by Dnuk View Post

If it was you, One thin i would do is get a Digital thermometer, The Dial one he sold you can be inacurate and as much use as a chocolate fireguard, Same with Hydrometer, Always worth going Digital.

I'd suggest going to a digital one, but for different reasons. With a digital one, it's just easier to place the probe where you want it and to have the display in a more convenient location.

The obssession with "accuracy" for measuring snake viv temperatures is not necessary and unachievable for most people. The only way you will get an accurate reading is if you calibrate a thermometer properly. This is much more difficult to do than most people realise. The cheap digital thermometers used by most people are no more accurate than the cheap dial ones. Just because they display the temperature to 0.1 degree, it doesn't mean that it's correct. It's like comparing an analogue and a digital watch. Neither will be accurate unless they are set to the correct time in the first place.

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