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Default Advice please!

Hello, I've just got my first bearded dragon for my 18th birthday, I've spent the last 2 years researching beardies and all they need etc.
well I was finally allowed on in my house and she is gorgeous her name is scarlet, she is 4 months old and she's so tame already, we've been taking it slow and I've been picking her up and sitting her on my hand in her viv as she's still only been here a week.
Already she is a total mummy's girl and is always excited to see me but I think she's lazy! She doesn't go looking for food at all, unless I hand it to her she won't eat it? And she doesn't like crickets or anything that flies or has wings etc, she will only eat bamboo worms and her veggies, but I thought that this was bad for them?
I'm also wondering what to do with her when I get her out of her viv for the first time? Should I let her run around on my bed or the floor and do I block all gaps etc?
Please help I'm really worried I'm doing something wrong, new mummy fears!!

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