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Originally Posted by djultimate View Post
Well its 1 week today since i got my baby beardie, and he's still hiding.
As i understand its natural for this to happen, its frustrating at the same time as i would love to see him sat in his basking spot

Theres always fresh poo when i come home from work and signs he's eating ok, just likes his spot in the top of the plant at the moment i guess.

Should i leave him be for another week ? or would it be ok to try and handle him ?
It wouldn't hurt to have a little go to see how he is. Put your hand near him and see if he'll walk on or gently pick him up without startling him, if he still seems nervous or defensive give him another day and keep trying. If he's not keen on being handled just take it slowly. (Stroke him while he's inside, put your hand out for him to come to you himself, things like that)
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