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Originally Posted by newton2608 View Post
so apart from woodlice what else can i use out the garden and what does a good job earth worms ? i just want to get some stuff in there, my viv has only been up and running a few days but dont want it to start getting dirty and smelly
Some do use earthworms, I personally don't but that's just me. We do have [HTML]native springtails in this country that you can use. Other than that you're going to have to put your hand in your pocket I'm afraid .
Originally Posted by JonnyFrilledDragonLawson View Post
well i guess it depends what temps your reptile/amphib requires but theres quite a big difference to our summers and tropical heat
It doesn't matter though, as I said before european woodlice will still thrive in a tropical vivarium. Either that or I should tell the ones in my tanks that they're not behaving properly.
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