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Default Bearded dragon help and advice!

Howdy folks,
I would just like to say firstly thank you for reading and if you reply all advice would be very grateful.

I have just recently gotten my self a beardie. My next door no longer want her and iv wanted one for years. Im not too sure how old she is, but is at least 17inch's. The viv I got with her is 3ft long by 15inch by 15inches. From everything I have read over the past week to do with a bearded dragon. She should be in a bigger viv. So I have ordered a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft for her.

So from there I moved onto everything I should have in a viv (not saying she hasnt got everything she needs now, cos she has. I just want to buy all new stuff). Which after reading alot of caresheets and looking a starter kits, was an easy thing to do.

So I ordered the following:

1 x Arcadia T5 D3 Reptile Lamp 12% 39W, 34inch
1 x Arcadia T5 Reflector 34 inch
1 x Arcadia T5 Electronic Controller 24-39W

After that I got a little lost and confused.

Some people say use 2 basking lamps, some say use 1. Some people say use hologen as gives same heat but cheaper to run. I know they should have a basking temp of around 95-105F and down the cool end around 80-88F. That shouldnt be to hard to sort out.

At night again i get a bit lost again, saying the hot end should be around 80F and the cold end getting no colder that 65F. So to sort this problem use a Ceramic heater with a temp thermostat to control the hot end and keeping it at 80F.

With all that in mind wouldnt you use a temp theremostat on the basking lamps to ensure that they dont go above the set temp aswell as the ceramic heater?

There is so many types of thermostats im not sure on which one would be best for me to use. The other thing that causes me a headache, is placement of the probe from the thermostat. Iv read down that best place is 1/3 of the way down from hot end 3inched from floor.

Iv already got the rocks. logs and plants aswell as a nice hammock. She is on calci-sand. She does eat it and does eat any while catching her hoppers. Aswell as she likes to dig at it, so keeps her happy.

So all advice would be greatful so i can order the last few bits i need. Then move her into her new home.

Thanks Somsumi
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