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Originally Posted by Somsumi View Post
Thanks for you reply.

In regards to the lighting, I know it goes down towards the hot end, but will cover most of the viv as, a 4ft which is what 45inched long and the and light is 34inches. she will have shade from the light if she wish's by the use of silk plantes and such creating shaded area's.

the one you have is the perfect size for a 4ft viv, I just mean place it against the hot side wall so the cool end drops off in to shade.

With heating, ok one hologen should be fine then to create the basking spot for her. But at night you say they will natually be one at night, but if im correcting in saying the heat light will be turned off at night correct?

It will be turned off you're correct however the temp will stay in the viv for a fair few hours (unless you open the doors) and in this time there will still be some sort of gradient, however as mentioned a warm/cool side isn't necessary aslong as your ambient temp is between 12-18c.

Also what would the dimming thermostat do differently to a temp thermostat? As you said use a dimming one.

Im not quite sure what you mean by a temp thermostat, the usuals for heat sources other than mats are dimming, pulse and on/off stats, I'd assume a temp stat is an on/off stat. This will simply turn the power off when it reaches temp whereas a dimming stat will dim the bulb.

In response to placement of thermostat sensor, so say if i put it 2/3 of the way down maybe half way (2ft), this should ensure that the cool end doesnt get too hot correct?

In theory yes. You should be able to maintain a steady temp throughout the viv with placing the probe there, however I suggest you see what works best for you as people and situations differ.

Yer iv read alot of different thing on sands and calci sand. Her hoppers get calcuim sprinkled on them prior to feeding and she also has bearded dragon pallets which also contain calcium, so she doent tend to eat it at all. Just loves digging it. It was what she was on when i get her, so atm she still on it in her old viv untill new one fitted correctly. Also the calci sand comes in some nice colours she got black and blue. Looks fab.
Unnaturally coloured sand will dye your dragon and is very very difficult to remove, taking at least one full shed to disappear. If Calci sand works for you then that's fine there isn't an issue, I would just be wary and be sure to monitor it.

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